Concerning Dispensational Bible Study


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Many times, in conversations with our friends, we are challenged
on our dispensational stand on the Mystery Gospel of the Apostle
. Sometimeswe can give a ready answer and at other times
we are at a loss for an answer. Well, here is some good news. This
booklet by Pastor J.C. O’Hair is being reprinted for those times when
a ready answer is hard to remember. Pastor O’Hair has twenty-eight
“talking points” to help you. Like a debater, he defends his doctrinal
position by stating the differences between his position and those of
the opposition
. He then asks them to answer the statements he has
made by asking the question,
“JUST WHY NOT.” A good defense is
a good offence – make the opposition defend their doctrinal position against these twenty-eight points.

As always, Pastor O’Hair is prolific in his use of Bible references,
so make sure you have your Bible open in order to follow what he
has to say.


by J.C. O’Hair