Is Sickness From God or Man?


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by J.C. O’Hair

Until that glorious day of redemption, until that blessed moment, the death (and sickness) rate of the human race: the good, the bad the indifferent, the babies, the youths, the middle-aged, the old-aged, the rich and the poor, and the saints and the sinners will continue to be one, apiece, no matter whether we use physical remedies or rely upon psychic, metaphysical, religious, or Divine healing.

The most consecrated saint is buried in the same cemetery with the vilest sinner. They go the way of all the earth until the Lord Himself shall appear for the Rapture of His loved ones. Until that day of redemption, God’s children are sealed with the Holy Spirit. He is the assurance of their coming glorification (Eph. 4:30; 1:13-14).