Truth Aflame is a magazine published quarterly and sent free of charge to all who request it. It is produced in both paper and electronic format. Each issue of the Truth Aflame contains Bible study articles written by Joel McGarvey and Lee Homoki, as well as occasional articles written by Pastors or other Bible teachers.

In addition, Truth Aflame contains announcements, special offers or other BDTLB publications, travel and speaking itineraries, comments from readers and prayer requests.

Contact the BDTLB office to receive the Truth Aflame.



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EVANGELISM 101 worksheets

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Answering the Accusations 1


Answering the Accusations 2

If God Is Good, Why Does Pain, Evil, and Suffering Exist?

Answering the Accusations 3

Violence Has Been Done in the Name of God

Answering the Accusations 4

You Can’t Trust the Bible and Science

Answering the Accusations 5

Christianity is Intolerant

Answering the Accusations 6

The Bible Was Written by Men

Answering the Accusations 7

The Church is Full of Hypocrites

Answering the Accusations 8
A Loving God Would Not Send Anyone to Hell
Answering the Accusations 9

Christianity Has Made No Positive Contributions to Society