Staff of Bible Doctrines

We are exceedingly proud and humbled by those God has brought forth to work side by side in this ministry. It is a great pleasure to introduce you to the current staff who labor together for Christ.

Susan McGarvey

Joel McGarvey

President, Executive Director, Evangelist, Editor

Susan McGarvey

Cindy Lippincott

Office Manager / Bookkeeper

Matt Ritchey

Matt Ritchey

Assoc. Director/Director of Youth and Family Outreach

Susan McGarvey

Jennifer Ritchey

Secretary, Printer

Susan McGarvey

Susan McGarvey

Secretary, Women’s and Children’s speaker

Susan McGarvey

Paul Turner

FBS Coordinator, Evangelist, Teacher, Men’s Ministries

Susan McGarvey

Rebecca Turner

FBS Organizer, Women and Children speaker


 We praise God for these wonderful examples of Christ-centered, Bible-minded men. Our board of directors insure that the ministry of Bible Doctrines to Live By is following God’s Word, is financially responsible, and are good stewards of the materials supplied. They are a vital part of this ministry!


Neil Schnaath (Board Chairman) – pastor and businessman

Jim Stringham – retired businessman

Mike Levenhagen – Director of Reclamation Resource Center,                                          retired businessman

Paul Turner, Sr. – retired businessman

Scott Jewett – businessman

Gary Wright – businessman