About Bible-Time Ministries

This is the itinerant arm of the McGarvey’s ministry. It would include their various themed Vacation Bible Schools, Bible/Teaching Seminars, Bible Conference speaking, Evangelistic Crusades, Revival Meetings, and general pulpit fill. Many of these meetings are scheduled over a period of several days and are two-fold in purpose.

First, is the presentation of the saving Gospel of the Grace of God. 1 Timothy 2:4 states that it is God’s will is that all men be saved and therefore Bible-Time Ministries seeks to share a clear presentation of the Gospel.

Second, the passage continues by stating that it is God’s will that all men come into a perfect understanding of the truth. This truth would be that special revelation given to the Apostle Paul (Gal. 1:11-12; Eph. 3:1-9; Col. 1:23-29) that is referred to as “the mystery”.

Therefore, Bible-Time Ministries seeks to teach the Word of God Rightly Divided, or according to the revelation of the mystery. In addition the McGarveys present Gospel music concerts.

Contact us today to schedule a Bible-Time Ministry activity in your church. VBS dates fill up fast so it is suggested that contact be made in December or January.

Call: (616) 785-3618

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Southern Grace Youth Camp                                  June 7th -11th                                                           Mobile, AL

VBS Grace Family Bible Church                                 June 14th -19th                                                           Duncansville, PA

Grace Bible Fellowship Bible Conference               June 21st -26th                                                             Clear Brook, VA

VBS Grace Bible Fellowship                                   June 28th – July 1st                                                           Ridgeley, WV

VBS Croton Community Church                                    July 12th – 17th                                                             Croton, MI

VBS Lincoln Hills Bible Church                                        July 19th – 24th                                                             Sioux Falls, SD

VBS Lakeview  Bible Church                                    July 26th – 13st                                                             Carter Lake, IA

VBS Grace Bible Church                                                      August 2nd – 7th                                                             OshKosh, WI

VBS Grace Bible Church                                                      August 9th – 14th                                                             Beloit, WI

VBS Douglas Bible Church                                                 August 16th – 21st                                                             Douglas, WI

VBS Friendship Bible Church                                           August 23rd – 28th                                                             Friendship, WI

Grace Community Church                                           October 9th – 11th                                                             Sioux Falls, SD

Liberty Heights Chapel                                           October 13th    AM                                                             Lawton, OK

Peace Congregational Church                                           October 13th    PM                                                             Indiahoma, OK

Taos First Baptist Church                                           October 25th                                                                    Taos, NM

Lakeview Bible Church                                           November 1st       POTENTIALLY                                    Carter Lake, IA