Intermission of Grace, The


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Years ago Fred Lewis found himself confused by the many theories different denominations held to concerning the end times – just as you might be now. But then he was exposed to what he calls a “simplifying concept.” He spend decades studying what the Bible says about the end times, which brought him to a key to understanding the Bible and the dispensation of grace that we are in. In this Book 2 of the Biblical Advanced Basic Series, Lewis sets out this key to unlock the Scriptures.

We are now in an intermission of grace, which takes a new gospel of the grace of God directly to Jews and Gentiles – and which started with the apostle Paul. While end times events are front and center of The Intermission of Grace, Lewis’s goal is to help Christians rightly divide the Word. he clearly explains what is necessary for someone to be sure they will spend eternity in heaven with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.