Divorce and Remarriage According to the Apostle Paul


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While the subject is never pleasant, and divorce is increasing in and outside of the church, the church has often taken one of two positions. First, it has turned a blind eye to the subject, choosing to ignore it rather than taking sides or causing even more pain. Second, the church has reacted in a strong, negative fashion almost to the point of branding those who have gone through divorce as committing the unpardonable sin. But what does the Word of God really have to say of the subject? And especially how does it address the saints in the Church the Body of Christ today? In this study the author relies heavily on the Word of God, examining what is said rather than what is not. Divorce is a painful experience but there is help for the hurting if only the Word of God was permitted to speak to the hearts of those who are hurting.

The book is written from a mid-Acts, Dispensational point of view placing great emphasis upon the special revelation given to the Church through the Apostle Paul.

By Joel R McGarvey

72 pages