The unity of the Church at Philippi was apparently being threatened: 

  1. by false teachers from without: 3:1-3
  2. by disagreement among the members from within: 4:1-3.

 …These disagreements reveal a real spiritual problem within  the         church.  A spiritual problem demands a spiritual remedy (not       threats, rules, or force).  Here is the cure for contention in the church – humble service. 

  2. A Humble Servant is like Christ: 5-11
  3. A condescending sentiment: 5-7a
  4. A condescending service: 7b
  5. A condescending sacrifice: 8
  6. A condescending settlement: 9-11 cf., 1 Peter 5:6

B. A Humble Servant is enjoyable to work with: 1-4

    1. The servant is the source of love: 1-2 

    1. He doesn’t strive or serve self: 3a
    2. He considers others better than himself: 3b
    3. He puts others first:

    C. A Humble Servant is quick to obey without murmuring or disputing: 12-14. Remember, it is God’s work we do! Verse 13.

    D. A Humble Servant is above reproach: 15a

     E. A Humble Servant is fulfilling his appointed service: 15b – 16a.

     F. A Humble Servant is pleasing to his instructor: Vs. 2, 16b

    …Examples of Humble Servants:

    1. Paul: 17-18
    2. Timothy 19-23, especially verse 22.
    3. Epaphroditus: 24-30, especially verse 30.

    A Humble Servant does not think of himself mainly – He thinks of others mostly – “others” is the key to “humble service.”