“Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to God” (2 Cor. 5:20).

     I believe we ought to take the word foreign out of Missions. It’s time to ask ourselves the question, “Does our use of the word foreign hinder the cause of Christ world-wide?” If we don’t see the Mission field on our doorstep, can we be convinced we are really concerned about the Missionary efforts abroad? The concept of foreign Missions causes the Missionary Program of the local Church to be something that is just “tacked on.” This enables us to easily give our money and occasionally pray for “those Missionaries out there,” and purposely, or through negligence, fail to get involved with Missions right here in our own town or city.

     The Bible does not teach that Missions is foreign. Rather, it teaches that our Mission field begins on our very doorstep, and it certainly includes people abroad. Being involved in Missionary work in our own country means we are to have a positive, verbal witness to our own family, neighbors, associates, and friends. It means being involved right here at home with Sunday School, a Bus Ministry, Tape Ministry, Literature Ministry, Telephone Ministry, Visitation or Soul-Winning Ministry, Hospital Ministry, Nursing Home Ministry, Newspaper Ministry, Radio Ministry, and Youth Ministry. Home Missions will certainly cultivate Missionaries who will eventually go to other areas of the world. I believe this lack of Missionary activity here in our own country is one of the major reasons why we are lacking both Missionaries and funds for the fields elsewhere.

     Bible Doctrines to Live By, like many other local churches and ministries, is ministering among the “Civilized Pagans” in the United States. Because of the popular usage of this word foreign, Mission work right here is often overlooked financially and possibly by potential personnel. Many times the work here at home goes “begging!”

     Let’s drop the word foreign from the vocabulary for Missionary activity. Let’s not give our people the implication that somehow Missionary work being done abroad is of greater importance than that which is being done in our own city!

     Foreign Missions and Home Missions are not Biblical terms. Let’s begin to talk in terms of being “Ambassadors for Christ” here in our own country and then proportionately out to the other parts of the world. Let’s remember that unless our Missionary work at home is done effectively, bringing increased numbers into our local churches, the rest of the world will soon be cut off from our influence because we will simply run out of both personnel and finances.

     When we talk Missions, let’s use wise terminology. Let’s not use words which will mislead people into thinking they are not really supporting or participating in Missions unless it’s foreign.