(A Pastor Answers the Critics)

1 Corinthians 9:1-27

Nothing is more important than preaching the Gospel and getting people saved (vs. 22). Paul proved this time and again by his life, commitment, and sacrifice (vs.19).

 Verse 3: The Critics:

 He doesn’t work a full time job, yet, he gets a salary and has his daily needs supplied.

 Verses 1-6: Paul is offended and defends himself.

Yes, he does work.

Yes, he is privileged.

   – He is an apostle.

   – He is a recipient of Grace and a Dispenser of Grace.

Yes, he is free…

…not a slave

…not employed, but is, rather, self-employed.

He is free to forbear working.

Yes, he is free to marry if he chooses.

Yes, he is free to live a normal life.

…to eat and drink.

Yes, he has the right to have the church pay his salary (vss. 7- 11).

Yes, he has a right to all of the above.




…Live a normal life


…By right of logic and fairness.

…By right of the Law of God.

 BUT Paul doesn’t insist on his rights; instead he surrenders and sacrifices all for the Gospel (vss. 12-15).

 Verses 16-22: Why is Paul willing to sacrifice all for the Gospel?





 Verses 23-27: Would you be willing to be somebody’s Savior in order to be a joint partaker of the Gospel’s blessing?