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What About Water Baptism?

Schutz-Baptism Cover
Pastor Schutz gives a clear presentation on the subject of water baptism.
Price: $3.00
by Tadd Mencer

Universal Reconciliation

universal reconciliation
Pastor Schutz wrote this book to answer the question as to the meaning of the word "aionios" (eternal) and the truth of God's eternal judgment on the lost. A biblical exposition refuting the universal reconciliationist belief that the ages will come to an end.
Price: $2.25
by Tadd Mencer

The Crib and the Cross

The Crib and the Cross Cover
Tells the complete Christmas story from birth to death and resurrection. Comes in a pack of 25. MESSAGE: "The Christmas story is indeed true, but do you really know the true Christmas story? What do you see in the manger? For many the manger is filled with brightly- colored ribbon girding a box wrapped neatly More Info »
Price: $4.50
by Joel McGarvey

From Bliss to Blister to Bliss

from bliss to blister to bliss
By Vernon Schutz and Roger Anderson. From Grace Publications. After seeing churches struggle with the issues of marriage, divorce, and remarriage, the authors joined together to put together this book.
Price: $6.00
by Tadd Mencer