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This Little Church Went to Market

This little church went to market
Churches all over the world are buying into the market-driven philosophy of church growth and expansion. But what price have these churches paid in order to fill their pews with scores of people? Is the market-driven phenomenon comparable to such historic movements as the Evangelical Revival? Or has the church lost its culture wars? Gilley More Info »
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by Tadd Mencer

This Little Church Stayed Home

This little church stayed home
Many churches, riding the faddish waves of our times, have 'gone to market', but not all. Some churches are trying to 'stay home', that is, remain firmly ground in the Scriptures. Still, the pressures mount, the temptations are repackaged, and the schemes of the world become more and more persuasive. In┬áThis Little Church Stayed Home, More Info »
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by Tadd Mencer