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Word Studies on the Holy Spirit

word studies on the holy spirit bullinger
Bullinger examines each of the 385 occurrences of the Greek word pneuma (spirit) in the New Testament. Subject, text, and Greek word indexes make this volume even more useful. Includes a foreword by Dr. Warren Wiersbe.
Price: $12.99
by Tadd Mencer

Witness of the Stars

Witness of the Stars amazon cover
In a work of profound interest to students of Christianity and astrology alike, E.W. Bullinger uses astronomy, celestial charts, and quotations from the Bible to make his case for the existence of God's Word within the movements and configurations of the stars themselves. Beginning with proof in Psalm 19 that "the Creator both numbered as More Info »
Price: $14.99
by Tadd Mencer

Two Natures in the Child of God

The Two Natures
The old nature and the new man detailed in this book by Bullinger.
Price: $3.00
by Tadd Mencer

Number in Scripture

number in scripture
E.W. Bullinger's classic work, Number in Scripture, is an invaluable guide to the study of Bible Numerics. Bullinger's two-fold approach to the subject first examines the supernatural design of the Bible. He notes the amazing patterns of numbers and numerical features of the Scriptures that give evidence of their Designer. The second section highlights the More Info »
Price: $15.99
by Tadd Mencer

Isaiah, It's Structure and Scope

Isaiah, It’s Structure and Scope
An outline study of the book of Isaiah.
Price: $4.00
by Matt Ritchey

Great Cloud of Witnesses

great cloud of witnesses
One of the most respected Bible scholars of the 19th century, British clergyman ETHELBERT WILLIAM BULLINGER (1837-1913) here offers his guide to the "heroes of faith" of Hebrews 11. A rare English-language discourse on this important book of the Bible, it examines the stories of Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and Moses. More Info »
Price: $22.90
by Tadd Mencer

Foundations of Dispensational Truth, The

foundations of dispensational truth bullinger
An endeavor to rightly divide the Word of truth by laying the foundations for dispensational truth.
Price: $14.00
by Matt Ritchey

Divine Names and Titles

The Divine Names and Titles
What is the difference between Elohim and El? What is the significance of El-Shaddai? Does Jehovah have a specific? A look at some of the names and titles given to the Lord in the Scriptures.
Price: $4.00
by Tadd Mencer

Commentary on Revelation

commentary of revelation bullinger
Revelation is one of the most difficult, widely-debated books of the Bible. The late nineteenth and early twentieth century saw a renewed interest in the study of Bible prophecy and especially the book of Revelation. E. W. Bullinger's Commentary on Revelation (first published in 1902 under the title The Apocalypse or, The Day of the Lord), approaches the text of More Info »
Price: $30.99
by Tadd Mencer

Church Epistles, The

church epistles bullinger
A focus on Paul's epistles to the churches, defending them as God's unique revelation and expounding on the great truth of the Mystery, or Body of Christ. This passionate attempt to "bring back vital truths to their proper place" is a must-read for Bible scholars and believers alike.
Price: $14.00
by Tadd Mencer

Christian's Greatest Need, The

the christians greatest need
A good reminder that the most important thing and our greatest need is to know our great God and Savior.
Price: $2.50
by Matt Ritchey
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