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What About Water Baptism?

Schutz-Baptism Cover
Pastor Schutz gives a clear presentation on the subject of water baptism.
Price: $3.00
by Tadd Mencer

Water Baptism, Book 2

Water Baptism Bible Study Lessons COVER Vol Two
The second book collecting the works of J.C. O'Hair regarding water baptism.
Price: $9.00
by Matt Ritchey

Water Baptism, Book 1

Water Baptism Bible Study Lessons COVER Vol One
The first book collection of J.C. O'Hair's teachings on water baptism from a Grace persepctive.
Price: $9.00
by Matt Ritchey

Unto What Then Were Ye Baptized?

unto what were you baptized
Elvin Myers takes us on his journey to come to the understanding of water baptism.
Price: $3.00
by Tadd Mencer

Thinking on Bible Baptisms

schoonover baptism
With the various teachings on water baptism in Christendom, this is a refreshing look at the subject from the Scriptures.
Price: $3.50
by Tadd Mencer

There Is Only One Baptism

There is Only One Baptism (Brock)
Uses the Scripture to show the one baptism used in the Age of Grace.
Price: $1.50
by Tadd Mencer

The Uncertain Trumpet of Water Baptism

Trials and Temptations Final
By Paul Sadler. From Berean Bible Society. As a former Baptist, the author is well acquainted with the confusion over the subject of Baptism. In the Apostle Paul's day the "Bone of Contention" was circumcision, however, in our day it is water baptism. May the message of this little booklet be used of the Lord to More Info »
Price: $2.00
by Tadd Mencer

How Many Baptisms Are There in the Bible?

How Many Baptisms are there in the bilb
A book on the various baptisms (identifications) found in the Bible with a presentation of the one (spiritual) baptism for today.
Price: $12.00
by Tadd Mencer

Baptism: Divine Truth or Human Theories

BAPTISM Divine Truth or Human Theories
One of Pastor O'Hair's longer studies on the subject of water baptism.
Price: $4.00
by Matt Ritchey

Baptism in the Bible

bible and baptism
A study of the biblical doctrine of water baptism with emphasis upon its dispensational implications.
Price: $10.00
by Tadd Mencer

Baptism and the Bible

From Berean Bible Society. By Cornelius Stam. There is no other subject that has caused more confusion in the Church than "water baptism." Since God is not the author of confusion, the problem unquestionably lies with a faulty system of interpretation. Pastor Stam isolates the problem in this work and presents a simple solution to More Info »
Price: $9.00
by Matt Ritchey
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