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Unscriptural Cathedrals

Unscriptual Cathedrals COVER Front
Studies the different "churches" in the Scripture with a focus on making sure our church is founded on the truth for today.
Price: $5.50
by Matt Ritchey

Truth That Set Me Free, The

The Truth fisher
Maxine Fisher uses her personal journey from Catholicism to personal faith in Christ to help others see that salvation is not through a church and creeds but personal faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ.
Price: $3.50
by Tadd Mencer

Sacrifice: The Way to God (A Catholic's Search)

sacrifice the way to God
Maxine Fischer gives her personal testimony of coming out of Catholicism to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Price: $3.00
by Matt Ritchey

Papal Power

papel power
Mr. Hudson remembers reading a headline proclaiming, "John Superstar." David Sanford, wrote in Harper's Magazine: "The Pope is more popular than the Beatles who, according to John Lennon, were more popular than Jesus Christ; where this leaves Jesus Christ is not clear." Morris West, in his television documentary, The Paradox of the Papacy, repeatedly made reference to More Info »
Price: $6.95
by Tadd Mencer

From Separatism to Syncretism

From Seperatism to Syncretism by S. Lee Homoki
From Seperatism to Syncretism by S. Lee Homoki
by S. Lee Homoki A must read book if you are to be properly equipped to take a stand for the truth. Using Fuller Seminary in California as an example, it traces the path of Neo-evangelicalism and how it is creeping into our churches and institutions while good people are seemingly unaware.
Price: $3.50
by Tadd Mencer

Are You a Hope So Church Member or a Know So Bible Christian?

Are You a Hope So Church Member COVER
There is a difference between going to church and being a member of the Body of Christ.
Price: $1.50
by Matt Ritchey