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Word Studies on the Holy Spirit

word studies on the holy spirit bullinger
Bullinger examines each of the 385 occurrences of the Greek word pneuma (spirit) in the New Testament. Subject, text, and Greek word indexes make this volume even more useful. Includes a foreword by Dr. Warren Wiersbe.
Price: $12.99
by Tadd Mencer

Ministry of the Holy Spirit, The

the ministry of the holy spirit
There is much confusion in Christendom regarding the work of the Holy Spirit. The reason? They don't recognize the ministry of the Holy Spirit during this present Dispensation of Grace.
Price: $10.00
by Tadd Mencer

Fruit of the Spirit, The

FruitOfthe Spirit FRONT COVER
Darlene Homoki writes regarding the Fruit of the Spirit becoming evident in our lives. We recommend the study edition found HERE.
Price: $3.00
by Joel McGarvey

Filling of the Holy Spirit, The

the filliing of the holy spirit
An EXCELLENT study on the Holy Spirit. This book needs to be in your library.
Price: $4.00
by Tadd Mencer
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