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When It's Hard to Forgive, by Bristol

when its hard to forgive
Sometimes it's hard to forgive. Especially when your heart is broken. Goldie Bristol knows. She forgave the man who murdered her daughter. That experience, a remarkable testimony to God's power and love, sets the stage for this study of forgiveness. In this book, you'll find out what real forgiveness is and how you can forgive More Info »
Price: $8.00
by Tadd Mencer

Vignettes of the Soul, by Bristol

vignettes of the soul
Goldie Bristol is the author of These Tears Are For Diane and When It's Hard to Forgive. She has been published in several Christian magazines, and traveled as a retreat speaker for many years. In this current writing, you will find true pictures from her very soul. They will convict and challenge you as they encourage and bless More Info »
Price: $8.00
by Tadd Mencer

True Spirituality

by C.R. Stam. From Berean Bible Society. HARDCOVER. A Practical Guide to Living the Christian Life! Do you long to be truly spiritual? If you do, True Spirituality may be just the book to help you. We should all long to be truly spiritual, but what is true spirituality? This is the question Pastor Stam seeks to answer in More Info »
Price: $11.50
by Tadd Mencer

Trials and Temptations

Trials and Temptations Final
By Paul Sadler. From Berean Bible Society. Life is full of temptations!  This little booklet is a practical guide that gives many helpful guidelines on how to avoid the most common pitfalls.  Since everyone is susceptible to trials and temptations we all need to know how to deal with them.  The Christian life is not More Info »
Price: $2.00
by Tadd Mencer

Throne of Grace, The

The Throne of Grace
By Ernest Green. From Grace Publications. Using Hebrews 4:16 as the underlying verse, the author writes of various aspects of grace, imperatives of grace, and disciplines of grace. Dispensational, devotional, and practical, this book "fits" this age of grace.
Price: $1.25
by Tadd Mencer

The Christian Life

the christian life
Are you a Christian? If your answer to this question is, “yes,” then you should be ready to give a reason of the hope that is in you. “And be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.” More Info »
Price: $4.25
by Tadd Mencer

Now That I Believe

From Berean Bible Society. By Ricky Kurth. In this booklet, Pastor Kurth guides the newcomer to the faith through the various obstacles that man and Satan put in the way of believers to cause them to stumble.
Price: $3.00
by Matt Ritchey

No Certain Dwelling Place

no certain dwelling place
This book tells the story of Hallie (Houts) Green's life and ministry, along with her husband and family. The subtitle, 40 homes in 40 years, does not mean the Greens moved once a year in their 40 years of marriage. As the story unfolds, you will see the blessed ways in which the Lord led More Info »
Price: $10.00
by Tadd Mencer

J.C. O'Hair and the Origins of the American Grace Movement 1899-1958

JC Hair
From Grace Publications. By Dale Dewitt and Bryan Ross. When J.C. O'Hair died in January of 1958, he received well-deserved honors, appreciation, and affectionate regard in memoirs and sermons. His articles that appeared in TRUTH magazine were certainly of the sort that made you look forward to continuing in the next issue. It is fascinating More Info »
Price: $19.25
by Matt Ritchey

Identified with Christ

Identified With Christ front cover
What it means to be identified with Christ.
Price: $3.00
by Tadd Mencer

Grieving With Hope

From Berean Bible Society. By Kevin Sadler. In this booklet Pastor Kevin Sadler offers practical advice and observations based on his journey through grief. The booklet contains sermons he gave in the weeks after his father went home to be with the Lord. In those trying days, he was encouraged and strengthened by the Word, which he now shares in booklet form so More Info »
Price: $3.00
by Matt Ritchey

Grace Way, The

The Grace Way
By Cal Bodeutsch. From Grace Publications. This publication is for all of those Christians who have been trying to live the Christian life and have been failing. It is also for those who believe there is more to the Christian life but don't know what it is or how to get it. Reading this book More Info »
Price: $18.25
by Tadd Mencer

From Broken to Beautiful

from broken to beautiful
Children instinctively look to their parents for sustenance, acceptance, comfort and safety. If, instead, they find pain, rejection, fear and abandonment, they form a distorted view of the world and their own worth. The abuse suffered by Peri Lynn Stitzel continued throughout her childhood and adolescence. But divine love intervened to rescue not only her More Info »
Price: $5.99
by Matt Ritchey

Commands of Christ for Christian Living, The

commands of christ
Being under grace does not mean that Christ has no expectations for us. We are not saved BY our works, but we have imperatives that Christ calls us to do.
Price: $10.00
by Tadd Mencer

Christian's Greatest Need, The

the christians greatest need
A good reminder that the most important thing and our greatest need is to know our great God and Savior.
Price: $2.50
by Matt Ritchey

Beginning Your New Life in Christ

Beginning Your Life In Christ Front COVER
A book to help new believers as they begin their walk with the Lord.
Price: $2.95
by Tadd Mencer

A Biblical Life

a biblical life
From Berean Bible Institute. By Ed Bedore. Following Paul as he followed Christ.
Price: $5.00
by Matt Ritchey