True Spirituality

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by C.R. Stam. From Berean Bible Society. HARDCOVER.

A Practical Guide to Living the Christian Life!

Do you long to be truly spiritual? If you do, True Spirituality may be just the book to help you. We should all long to be truly spiritual, but what is true spirituality? This is the question Pastor Stam seeks to answer in this book, by the Scriptures—and the Scriptures, rightly divided.

True Spirituality deals with the believer’s body, soul and spirit, the old and new natures, walking in newness of life, positional and practical sanctification, the Holy Spirit and the believer today, the cause and cure of retarded growth, the believer’s liberty in Christ, the relation of spirituality to the Word and prayer, the nature of true revival, etc.

True Spirituality also deals with the many mistaken ideas as to spirituality, putting them to the Berean test and demonstrating how they destroy, rather than promote, true fellowship with God.